Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Maze Runner Movie: Everything is Going to Change

That's not just the major theme of the book and the movie, it's also what they should say to you right before you enter the theater. Oh Boy. Where to begin?
You have been warned.

This movie was obviously not for the people who read the book. You know how I can tell? They changed every. single. fucking. detail. Nothing was the way it happened in the book. All the major happenings still happened: Thomas entered the Glade, he entered the Maze to help Minho and Alby, Chuck died, and they left the Maze, but the way all of this happened didn't line up with the book. Literally everything in between was fucking different. No, I take that back. The character names were the same. Aside from that, it was unrecognizable to the book reader.

I don't understand how this could so miss the fucking mark. I don't get how something could be so entirely wrong. I understand that James Dashner was involved in the making of this movie, but where? Fucking how? Why would he let this happen to his book?

This movie can only tenuously be referred to as an adaptation. It's just so goddamn wrong. I left the theater in a haze of rage. I woke up this morning and assumed I had dreamed it and had not actually gone to see it, because it seemed like a fucking fever dream or something your brain would make up as a worst case scenario. I wish I hadn't fucking seen it. I have seen a lot of shitty adaptations, but this one takes the fucking cake.

There are some good things, though. The performances were great. Dylan O'Brian as Thomas was wonderful. The movie was very fast paced and action packed. It's one of those movies that seems like it goes by really fast, although that may have been due to the boiling rage in my heart, to be fair.

I was so looking forward to finally seeing this book that I invested so much time and energy into finally come to the big screen. I have never been so disappointed in my entire fucking life and I have led a pretty disappointing life.

I can only hope the sequel will be better.

Oh! Also, the way they pronounced 'Minho' was really fucking weird. I do not approve of this fuckery.

Okay! That's enough rage for now. I'll check back in later this week with a Shakespeare update.

Until next time, Happy Reading.

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