Friday, November 21, 2014

One Out of Two Aint Bad

I owe the douche jar for this malarkey.
Okay, so... I didn't post an update. I had a job interview in Seattle, so I moseyed my ginger ass up there at 11 this morning and didn't get back until about an hour ago. I'm really really tired and kinda grumpy, so I'm going to forego Shakespeare for tonight. Also, for tomorrow. We're having a birthday party for my momma, so I won't be around to post. However, Sunday is an attractive option. I hereby
swear to post an update on Sunday. If I fail (and considering my track record, it's more than possible) you are all invited to kick me. Sound like a deal?

TLDR: No update today. Come back Sunday. There will be something here Sunday. Hopefully Shakespeare.

Until Sunday, Happy Reading

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