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Scorch Trials 6

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Chapters 42-44

This chapter begins with Thomas being airlifted back into the Scorch with the other Gladers, Jorge, and Brenda. She's still frosty toward him but everyone else just has a shit load of questions. Mostly, they want to know why Thomas is special. To be fair, Thomas would like to know as well. He explains exactly what happened and what was said, then they go to sleep so that they can walk toward the safe haven during the night when it is cool.

Why does everything have to be vague? Just say what you mean!
During the night, Theresa speaks to Thomas using Telepathy. She tells him that something awful is going to happen to him the next day. She says that he's going to be hurt and scared, but that they are going to be
back together soon.

When he wakes in the morning, he decides to not tell anyone about Theresa talking to him, even though it could probably help them in some way. He is really resistant to tell the Gladers anything about Theresa, which is indicative of a lack of trust. He either doesn't trust the Gladers with Theresa or he doesn't trust Theresa. Either way, Thomas is hiding things from his friends, which is never a good choice.

While the group is walking, shit goes from bad to worse. The Gladers are surrounded by a large group of girls - Group B. I'd all but forgotten about Group B. They are lead by Theresa, despite the fact that she's not really part of the group. They are all holding weapons, including Theresa, who has a spear. She walks through the Gladers and stops right in front of Thomas (naturally). Theresa completely controls the situation. She asks him if his name is Thomas. When he begins to answer with "you know who I am," she hits him in the head with the butt of her spear. She hits him a few more times and then tells him that he is going to come with her and Group B. Two girls come out with a bag to put over his head and say one of the most chilling
That's super helpful, ladies.
things in the book (which is stiff competition). They basically tell Thomas that they are going to kill him and he should just relax about it. They then put the bag over his head and take him away.


Holy shit. Nothing good ever happens. Thomas is finally reunited with Theresa and she intends to kill him. I'm interested to see what will happen with Group B. They are a completely unknown entity in the book, which is rare. Theresa's involvement with the group is interesting considering her previous position with the Gladers.

Ugh, it pains me to say this, but we should probably talk about the love triangle. I can't fucking stand it, but it might be important. While Thomas is smitten with Theresa, he also has developing feeling for Brenda. They both definitely have feelings for Thomas, too. The potential of a dynamic between the two women is important. Until now, we have a distinct lack of women. Here we are presented with two named female characters, and they are already being set up to hate one another simply based on Thomas's indecision. Why Dashner thought this was a necessary element to the story is beyond me. Can't we have ONE damn novel that doesn't involve a love triangle? Can't they just get along?

Leave me your thoughts in the comments. What do you guys think about the story so far?

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