Monday, April 28, 2014

The Scorch Trials pt. 2

Okay, kids. Part 2 of my Scorch Trials saga begins now.

The What and When of Chapters 29-33

At the start of Chapter 29, the Gladers have joined forces with Jorge and his fellow Crank Brenda. Jorge comes up with a plan to ditch the rest of his Crank crew. They then head to the place where Jorge has stashed their food. The Gladers get some food in them for the first time in a while.

Immediately following the meal, there is an explosion that caves in the roof of the underground room they are in. Of course there was an explosion. Why wouldn't something bad happen? Thomas is separated from the rest of the group with Brenda.

Brenda then leads Thomas through the underground tunnel system, called the Underneath. The people in this book are terrible at naming things. While in the Underneath, Thomas and Brenda are chased by a group of Cranks that are really Gone (meaning that the Flare has taken hold and they have lost their minds). The leader of the group taunts Thomas and Brenda, saying that he is going to cut off their noses. What a creep. Thomas and Brenda run and find a hiding place in a wall. They think they are safe for a while.

After a bit, they decide it's safe to leave the hiding place. One of the Cranks, the one with the odd fixation on noses, had waited for them. He attacks them there is a brief struggle, then Thomas kills the Crank. This marks the end of Chapter 33.


I'd like to discuss with you something I've noticed popping up time and again in this book. A fair number of scenes take place in complete darkness. Every time the Gladers enter a new space, it is completely pitch black. This is a device used to symbolize the metaphorical darkness the Gladers are being kept in. Every time they think they are getting somewhere, they are met with a void. They are never given any information, so they are in the dark about their situation. Using physical darkness at a symbol for the metaphorical darkness drives home for the reader how hopeless and confusing their predicament really is.

That's going to be it for today. Apologies for the lack of pictures and the incredible delay. My internet is still not working, so I've had to type this all out on my phone. That's how much I love you.

Until next time. And, as always, happy reading.

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